Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Uncharted Water (here there be monsters)

Today I'm rolling out my first Centos server. Centos (at
http://centos.org) is a free (as in beer) version of Redhat Enterprise
(which is not free, as in beer). I thought I might give it a shot for
one main reason... It is supported a lot longer than the Fedora version
of Linux I've been installing on servers since Redhat pulled their free
products. That equates to an operating system upgrade every 1-5 years
instead of every 6 - 12 months.

I would have liked to already be on my way to finish setting it up, but
I'm fervently drinking my you-gotta-stay-up-later-than-normal coffee
while waiting on the bathroom. Talk about patting your head and rubbing
your stomach at the same time...

I'm also rolling out a new (to me) application for this client. It's
called OpenGroupware (http://opengroupware.org). It has a shared
calendar, web-based email, tasks, contact list, projects, all sorts of
crap. And one thing I especially like about it is that the calendar is
WebDAV compliant (whatever that means). What it -doesn't- mean is that
it's not something bastardized by Microsoft. So either this client can
view the shared (company) calendar via OpenGroupware (web-based), or
they can download a WebDAV compliant calendaring application (like
Mozilla's Sunbird Project ).

This will be (nerd) fun.