Monday, June 13, 2005

Security, Silicone, and Motorcycle Hair

After 5 years of web and email hosting, I'm finally throwing in the towel... I caught my server (via logs) attempting to portscan other systems. Granted, none of the probes reached their destination due to the firewall in place, but just the fact that someone can manipulate a web-based programming language (my best guess at the security hole) via a web browser (or application acting as a web browser) to make an innocent and harmless system do their bidding is enough for me. Let those with multi-floor buildings and dozens of tech support personnel manning the phones have it. I dont' have the time to keep up with it anymore.

Spent the (rainy) weekend helping out a friend put new turn signals on his Honda CBR 600 RR (at least I -think- it's a Honda, I always seem to pick the wrong brand). Due to a non-flush mounting bracket on his faring, we had to get a little creative w/ silicone to attach the front signals... When I left Saturday, there still needed to be a final, pretty finish job done to them. But I suspect they're at least functional (as far as adhesion).

He let me take his bike out for about a three mile jaunt. Compared to my Buell, this thing is FAST (though I have the slowest Buell known to man).

My wife asked me Sunday if I took his bike out... I guess I had motorcycle hair when I got home :)


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