Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Poetically Aguished Irritate Me (which is what they're probably trying to do)

While finishing my McDonalds in the driveway, Coast to Coast AM was on. Something about listening to Mr. Doom and Gloom (Art Bell) and his boundless parade of book-selling guests (which turned me off of coast to coast just after Y2K) makes my mind wander...

I found myself thinking (loathingly) about unhappy people. And how unhappy people make me unhappy. Not because I'm some cheery give-me-a-hug type, but because they piss me off...

It seems that poetic anguish nullifies the part of the brain that controls decency, work ethic, the ability to not be annoying, and probably a few other things.

Poetic anguish can apparently be a magnet, too. Mostly for hate - Racism, Homophobia, Germophobia... you get the point.

Poetic anguish also seems to alter that person's reality. Things become too hard to do (even the simplest tasks). They do things as a "convenience", when in reality they should do them so as not to be an inconvenience.

Poetic anguish clouds the ability to connect two points with the shortest distance... And sometimes will add seemingly infinite tangents that have no apparent connection with either point.

Poetic anguish is bullshit. It's like calling pregnancy a "disability".

I think it's used as a "I haven't accomplished shit in my life for no good reason" excuse...

...and WAY overused.