Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Love the 70's

Sunday night we went out riding. Started a little after midnight and rode until the sun came up. The weather was perfect (at least the weather directly above us). I don't think the temperature ever got below 70.

Thunderclouds seemed to chase us throughout the city for the last couple hours. Once home and comfortably situated in front of PokerStars, not five minutes passed before the rain began to fall.

I've been experimenting with a numerology thing (gag, trick, method, whatever your beliefs label it as)... Granted I'm not sure how my implementation works (I'm still experimenting), but the idea is this: Put the number 8 on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet (or purse, sex dependent, of course). Supposedly the number 8, specifically located in a money-holding device is supposed to bring money.

I tried it yesterday once, except with a small twist. On my computer, I opened WordPad, typed a single number 8, made it real big, and the resized the WordPad window to it's smallest extent while still able to see the "8". I then fire up PokerStars and get into a tournament.

I ended up winning the one tournament I tried this with yesterday. As I type, I'm currently in a two-table tourney (yesterdays was a single table tourney). Granted, chip lead doesn't mean everything in poker, but with 5 people out I'm currently 2nd in chips.

Fast forward an hour: I took 2nd in the tourney. From the two experiments so far, I've formulated an initial hypothesis - The "8" won't hand you money at the (electronic) poker table. A player still has to keep their head and make good judgement calls. But it sure seems that I've been hitting a lot more flushes and straights in the last two days than in the near past.

Today is supposed to get up to 95... I think I'll enjoy the bike if I get the chance.


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